Vasiliki Mourgela


Vasiliki Mourgela, Ph.D.

Digital Learning Manager & Consultant

With over 10 years of experience in the field of learning and development, my expertise in this field has been honed through years of experience and a passion for learning strategies and technologies.

I am deeply committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals through effective skill development and digital learning.

Work experience

With over 10 years of experience in the learning and development field, I have a proven track record in managing and delivering successful training programs. As a Learning and Development Manager at IWG plc in Switzerland, I was responsible for developing training programs. I also established intern and graduate training schemes and delivered online training across geographies, departments, and cultures.

As a Digital Learning Specialist at Learning Strategies International in Switzerland, I designed and implemented online trainings for international humanitarian organizations, such as WHO and Red Cross, and developed large-scale certification programs for global health professionals, which trained over 10,000 trainees. I have also delivered massively online courses and training seminars, with over 500 attendees.

Prior to this, I worked as a Teaching Assistant in France and Primary School Teacher in Greece, where I designed courses and provided individualized educational support.

Education & Research

I have earned a Ph.D. in Educational Sciences from the University of Strasbourg, France, where my thesis focused on designing and implementing an online training platform for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. Additionally, I hold a M.Sc. in the Engineering of Socio-Educational Interventions from the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Strasbourg, and a Bachelor in Educational Sciences and Primary Education from the Department of Pedagogy for Primary Education at the University of Athens, Greece.

Research Papers